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From: matt davignon (mattdavignonAThotmail.com)
Date: Sat Feb 03 2001 - 04:26:04 PST

Hey everyone,

Not too long ago, I launched a CD compilation project for music made from
field recordings. I assembled a bunch of musicians I knew from around the
world (via internet), then instructed them to record sounds of particular
cities and areas, and then create music from those field recordings. The
project is still in the works, and there aren't any open spots on that CD
compilation, but I have an for a similar adventure that I'd like to try

All of a sudden I can't get enough of the stuff, and I'm looking to build
some sort of internet resource where people can listen to all sorts of music
tracks built from field recordings (via streaming mp3). The easiest way to
do this would be through mp3.com, since they have a nice streaming mp3
system, and don't impose a limit on the amount of space you get.

So, here's what I'm going to do, if the interest is there. I'll create an
mp3.com artist named "Field Recordings". This way, anybody who does not
already have their field recording tracks already posted on mp3.com can post
it to this page, or get the track to me somehow (by posting it online or
mailing it to me) and I'll post it to the page. The tracks will have both
the artist's name and the song title listed as the title. (See
www.mp3.com/sourceproduct for an example of this.) Artists can write
whatever they want about the track and it will be available by clicking on a
link called "song story". Hopefully, the location (as in city, country)
where the sounds were recorded will be submitted by each artist.

With CD compilations, there's a limited amount of space, but with online mp3
compilations, you can just keep adding and adding (especially since the
mp3's go on their hard drives - not mine).

I am going to be strict about this in that all the music in your recording
must be made from field recordings, and you can't play real instruments in
your track (except for maybe a sampler loaded with field recording samples).
You can't record your own music blaring from a stereo either. The field
recordings themselves must be made by you or a friend of yours. (No Sound FX
cd's.) The amount that you alter your field recordings for your music track
is completely up to you.

Mp3.com itself has 2 rules that I can think of right now. One is that you
can't have copyrighted material in your submissions. I think copyright
infringers will know how to alter their material enough for that one. The
second is that your submissions have to be under 20MB, and must be encoded
at 128kbps, 44.1mHz, stereo.

Email me for more information, or just instruct me to post it to Detritus.
(My posts on collaborative efforts tend to be huge, and I'm trying to keep
the tiny details out of this one to benefit people with slow modems.)

One last thing: This is easy to do, and doesn't cost anything! If you want
to build a themed "compilation page" on mp3.com or another mp3 site, do it!
It will be like having a free music festival, only people can find it
online, and it will constantly grow! I'll be happy to answer questions about
how to do it.

Okay, another thing: I know some of you strongly dislike mp3.com for their
practices of profiting off contributors' music. So, why am I still using
1) They have the best streaming mp3 radio features of any of the free mp3
sites I've been to.
2) They have the easiest and fastest interface for uploading songs of any of
the sites I've been to.
4) They don't limit the amount of songs you can post
5) I never signed their new contract where they're trying to sell artists'
music to retail stores. They keep asking me, but I keep refusing.
6) I think this is a good case of us profiting over them without the
vice-versa happening. I mean, how much money are they going to make selling
ad space over a page of field recordings?

Happy music making,

Matt Davignon
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