[rumori] pho: Part II - Simple vs. Complex

From: Don Joyce (djATwebbnet.com)
Date: Sun Feb 04 2001 - 21:11:15 PST

forwarded by Negativland.

>Part II - Simple vs. Complex
>By its ability to instantly provide access to Knowledge, the Internet
>exists on a plane that is as ethereal as it is material. This is why,
>beyond all the discussion of e-commerce, the rapidly contracting future
>is less about money and more, if not all, about value. And more than
>anything else, the Internet's value is about simplicity as opposed to
>complexity, although the systems that control it may be complex. What
>informs the compact between Internet participants is simplicity. We are a
>global community of participants, instantly made one, whereas in the real
>world our communion is constrained by borders and officials, by the sheer
>cost of travel. In the real world, the underlying systems are simple in
>their crudeness... "Show me paper, show me proof, then you may pass,"
>they say. The result is that our ability to commune as one is made
>The complexities of the real world inhibit us from intermingling and
>sharing ideas. The simplicity of the Internet experience is that it
>mirrors our deeper connection to the community of humankind.
>It's important to recognize that when we log on to these inter-connected
>terminals, we don't live in the present anymore, much less the past. We
>live in the future. We "are" the future in the present tense. This is
>because thought precedes action and in this Internet space, wherein our
>feelings and awareness are heightened by access to the global mind share,
>we are thinking as massive blocks of connected thought. Whether we are
>aware of it or not, our actions, subsequently borne in the real world,
>are informed by our prior thinking. When we spend time online in
>communion with kindred souls, our tomorrow is a reflection of what we
>already thought today... more to the point, our today in the real world
>is a reflection of what we thought online tomorrow.
>When we are here, the constraints of business in the recent historical
>precedent fall away... we trade the value of Intellectual Property
>constantly and are enriched as a result. Yet, much of the world is still
>not connected. Therefore, ours is a microcosm of the whole society,
>indeed, civilization, that will one day (sooner, rather than later), be
>more connected than disconnected. In that not-to-distant place (plane) we
>will be traveling together, as a "plane-t", in space. Connected thought
>will inform the intelligence of our world as one and earth will know
>itself. Complex systems will underlie our self awareness, but the
>expression of our collective knowledge will be infinitely powerful in its
>With respect to our discussion of e-commerce, especially the e-commerce of
>digital media, it s essential to recognize that the exchange rate in a
>future when the whole of society is connected far exceeds the limitations
>of systems in the far distant recent historical precedent between 1950
>and 2001. Business will be transformed... let's not miss that point. We
>are moving toward a system that instantly delivers an infinity of
>micro-payments composed of digital bits, where those bits are
>intrinsically connected to a fabric that makes the transaction disappear.
>The value of free exchange on the ethereal plane enriches the future
>because the value of collective knowledge is allowed to precede the
>monetary exchange. It puts the wealth of our soul ahead of our need to
>assure monetary profit.
>This is why our discussion of how we will apply the business systems >from
>1950-2001 in the digital future is an exercise in futility. We are
>retarding the successful destiny of civilization.
>At the end of the tunnel, the light says that no amount of paper, or
>armies of lawyers bearing paper, can contain a digital universe. Instead
>of trying to wrap the digital future in paper, it would be better to
>understand what it is we are dealing with. It's our duty to be sure that
>the things we make, say, do today, are not an impediment to a future we
>already live in, yet barely have begun to glimpse.
> Keep it simple, stupid.

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