Re: [rumori] [plunderphonia] PLUNDERPHONICS box set (fwd)

From: Jon Leidecker (
Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 20:03:14 PST

steev, you pill. Although I doubt it'll actually run quite as high as a
flat 50 bucks, I'm all for nice packaging. Nice packaging is nice, not
another poisonous fuming gasp of the physical art work as fetish object.

I do understand what you mean, about the concept that he's giving up his
stance by officially negotiating. And indeed, in a way it could be seen as
a precedent, as in 'you artists are complaining that it can't be done, see,
see there, HE did it, it wasn't so hard to authorize the tracks, it CAN be
done, you silly artists!'

But Oswald's perversity in going ahead and doing this has put a concrete
example on the books on exactly what it takes to do this -- this is nearly
an art project in itself, the liscensing. It took TWO YEARS!!! in other
words, a Commercially Untenable Length of Time. Oswald had the time to
prove that what they're asking everyone to do is completely absurd.

Furthermore, this was dealing with 'plunderphonics', an album with a mere
60 or so sources (with track titles pointing directly towards individual
authors to make it easy). Two years, 60 samples. 60 sources is nothing.
Believe me.

So I kind of think his perversity is sort of neat because it illustrates
just how completely the market has failed when it comes to the 'proper'
legal procedure for releasing this material. Now it's on the books, the
degree to which these laws prevent 'legal' release of this music that
everyone's doing.


>sorry if you saw this already....
>i just want to add that while i'm basically glad this
>release is taking place (because it will mean a little bit
>more exposure for Oswald and his work) i have mixed feelings
>about it. It appears that Oswald is giving in on and giving
>up on exactly the stance so many of us have always admired
>since first reading his early 1986 essay, "Plunderphonics,
>or Audio Piracy as a Compositional Prerogative".
>I also feel as if this is yet another useless last gasp of
>the physical art work as fetish object. Many of us will
>have already heard most of the content of the package, yet
>because of the supposedly "beautiful" booklet and the
>product's tangible commoditization, many of us will go out
>and buy it, even at what will probably be an outrageous
>price. (shall we make bets on what the actual retail
>sticker will say? I'll wager something like $49.99.)

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