[rumori] Re: 69 plunderphonics 96 box set

Date: Fri Feb 09 2001 - 09:53:38 PST

In a message dated 2/9/2001 9:40:15 AM, steevATdetritus.net writes:

<< thanx, where did you get this? did Seeland send this out?
to send to rumori all you do is email to rumoriATdetritus.net
smh >>

It was sent to the station I work at, from a record label in canada -
forwarded to me by the music director. I believe the label is called fony
(original post follows)

>Hey Steev,
>I so rarely post - I've forgotten how to send this to the rumori listserv.
>You can forward it if you think it would be of interest...
>There was some recent debate over how much the plunderphonics box set might
>sell for, so I'm assuming the following press release had not yet been seen
>by anyone on the list. It sounds like the final price is subject to the
>retailer's whim, but the label's suggested price is mentioned.
><< > In addition to the 2 CDs, the box set contains a 44-page, handbound,
>> hardcover book, featuring a 30,000 word interview with Oswald as he
>> discusses process and the cultural and historical context of the tracks
>> on 69 plunderphonics 96. The book is lavishly illustrated with
>> full-colour photo-collage images created by Oswald.
>> 69 plunderphonics 96 purchase offer:
>> Due to the high licensing and manufacturing costs of 69 plunderphonics
>> 96, we are not doing a general promotional mailer of the CD set.
>> However, we are offering the 69 plunderphonics 96 box set for purchase
>> at cost, directly from fony records. The price (to members of our press
>> and radio mailing list only) is US$ 25.00 (in Canada CA$ 25.00),
>> shipping and taxes included. This price reflects manufacturing costs
>> only (estimated retail price of the box set is $100.00, which includes
>> extensive licensing fees). >>
> >>

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