From: Don Joyce (djATwebbnet.com)
Date: Tue Feb 13 2001 - 02:33:40 PST

Forwarded by Negativland.
>Decision Threatens Technological Innovation and Consumers' Fair Use Rights
>Arlington, Va., February 12, 2001 - The following statement was issued by
>Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) President and CEO Gary Shapiro in
>response to today's ruling in A&M Records v. Napster, Inc.: "We are greatly
>disappointed with this ruling. We believe that the Court of Appeals has
>ignored basic principles of copyright infringement and fair use established
>in the U.S. Supreme Court's Sony Betamax decision.
>"Technological innovation helps the U.S. economy and consumers. Opponents
>should carry a heavy burden to show that a new technology is illegal. This
>ruling, unless overturned upon appeal, could stymie technological
>development and sets a dangerous precedent for the preservation of fair use
>rights enjoyed by consumers for more than twenty years.
>"The Ninth Circuit is the same Circuit that ruled in 1981 that the VCR was
>illegal before the ruling was overturned by the Supreme Court. If that
>decision had stood, we would have no VCR or movie rentals - to the detriment
>of Hollywood and American consumers. We can only wonder if this ruling
>stands how technology and consumer access will be limited in the future.
>"This ruling underscores the need for a new approach to intellectual
>property issues in the digital age. If the content industry has its way,
>the "play" button will become the "pay" button, widening the digital divide
>and stalling the revolution in instant, global access to education,
>information and entertainment.
>"The court's decision presumes that 50 million Napster users are violating
>the law. We urge these alleged "lawbreakers" to contact their congressional
>representative on this issue.
>"We look forward to discussing these critical issues at our upcoming
>conference, 'Digital Download: Public Access to Content in a Digital World'
>to be held March 6, 2001 in Washington, D.C."
>The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) represents more than 625 U.S.
>companies involved in the design, development, manufacturing and
>distribution of audio, video, mobile electronics, communications,
>information technology, multimedia and accessory products, as well as
>related services, that are sold through consumer channels. Combined, these
>companies account for more than $70 billion in annual sales. CEA represents
>the consumer electronics industry in association with the Electronic
>Industries Alliance (EIA).
>CEA also sponsors and manages the International CES - Your Source for
>Workstyle and Lifestyle TechnologySM. All profits from CES are reinvested
>into industry services, including technical training and education, industry
>promotion, engineering standards development, market research and
>legislative advocacy.
> Winter Technology Summit (invitation only)
> February 25-28, 2001, Vail, CO
> Digital Download: Public Access to Content in a
> Digital World
> March 6, 2001, Washington, DC
> EIA and CEA Spring Conference
> May 6-9, 2001, Washington, DC
> CEO Summit (invitation only)
> June 20-22, 2001, Olympic Valley, CA
> CEA Fall Conference and Industry Forum
> October 14-17, 2001, La Quinta CA
> Digital Car Conference and Exhibition
> October 16-18, 2001, Detroit, MI
> 2002 International CES - Your Source for
> Workstyle and Lifestyle TechnologySM
> January 8-11, 2002, Las Vegas, NV
>Contact: Jeff Joseph or Tim
>tel: (703) 907-7664 tel: (703) 907-7033
>e-mail: jjosephATce.org e-mail: lfasoldATce.org
>Hal Bringman
>5055 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 310
>Los Angeles, CA 90036
>Phone: 323-650-1328
>AIM: HBringman
>Pager: 1904483ATskytel.com

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