[rumori] cancelled and happening

From: Vicki Bennett (peoplelikeusATmistral.co.uk)
Date: Fri Feb 16 2001 - 01:48:56 PST


Unfortunately the Matmos vs People Like Us concert advertised for the
1st March in London has been cancelled. We hope to reschedule this
performance to another venue later this year.

However, People Like Us will be performing a DJ set at the V+A next
Friday (23rd) at the launch night of the Rough Trade 25th Anniversary
celebrations. A limited number of tickets are available at Rough
Trade Shops and The V&A at 8.00. Please note that a ticket does not
absolutely guarantee entrance to specific rooms. Doors 6.30pm - 10pm

Main Hall... DJ's - Jarvis Cocker & Steve Mackie, Barry Adamson, and
Geoff Travis & Jeannette Lee, Don Letts. Plus Mum & Dad Visuals -
including the virtual Rough Trade Shop
Gamble Room... Twisted Nerve Crew - Andy Votel DJ set, Mum and Dad DJ
set, D.O.T. Live Set + Special Guests
Amphitheatre... Stereolab DJ's , People like Us DJ's, Rough Trade
DJ's (including D - Soul Static Sound), Magnetophone Live with V23



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