Re: [rumori] Re: all your base are belong to us (fwd)

From: Jim Allenspach (
Date: Fri Feb 16 2001 - 12:17:05 PST


For the full story on this Photoshopping overload, check out the discussion

Pertinent extract, which is a neat synopsis of the whole thing:

> The whole thing originated, it seems, with a post to a tribalwar (online
> gaming forum) message board by one BAD_CRC on 16 dec and the thing has,
> well, mushroomed somewhat... The thread has now swelled to 47 pages of
> almost autistic intensity... It has to be seen to be believed... The quote &
> intro comes from an obscure japanese game for the Sega called Zero Wing, in
> an inimitably clunky translation, natch. It's crazy grass roots phenomena
> like this which make me optimistic about the future of the net...


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