[rumori] Re: pho: Re: Re: RE: Napster Teens want DRM (or so abacus.roq says)

From: Don Joyce (djATwebbnet.com)
Date: Mon Feb 19 2001 - 10:21:15 PST

Yeah! Occupy those territories that God HIMSELF gave you and start buinding
those houses for all your devout settlers there. You can stand the hail of
rocks. (mere child's play!) You've still got the big guns and you can set
the rules of engagement for everyone. Should all be over in no time, right?

>I see you points absolutely clearly. And, the hint of hypocrisy does seem to
>be evident. However, my slant was more of a requiem to the very innocence of
>pre-1994 digital era. Quaint copyright, where video tape pirates on New York
>street corners were the horror of its day. Napster has become the first
>celebrated battleground of a nasty digital war. The cartel plant their flags
>on the fields of code, and on their own turf. Copyright holders build higher
>and stronger DRM fences and forts. The youth will rally around Sean, their
>Joan of Arc. A messiah to be sure, because he heard the voice
>of...something. But, he has herded them out to a treacherous battlefield.
>They will be deleted alive. No technology is going to usurp commerce, or
>copyright. Cartels might fall, but not commerce.
>I'm not troubled by Napster II, but our youth, our next generation. A sense
>of history seems to be lost. A false sense of entitlement is installed. Sean
>and his mission statement (apologies to Jerry McGuire) opened the box. We
>are forced to deal with it.

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