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From: { brad brace } (
Date: Tue Feb 20 2001 - 01:22:32 PST

Dunno. But all the "earmarks" are there for the encoded pay-to-play
scheme. CDDB is eerie: it was able to instanteously (in one second)
identify and label all the tracks on CDs that I was ripping to MP3. Can it
possibly be able to do this based only on song-lengths? I foresee record
companies selling only individual licenses-to-listen and not having to
provide/distribute physical product. Napster just got us used to the idea
of 'making' our own product that we'll have to pay to listen-to. <shudder>


On Mon, 19 Feb 2001, matt davignon wrote:

> Isn't this exactly what got sued over with their "My"
> service?
> >About Gracenote
> >
> >With over 1,000 licensees in 35 countries, 20 million unique users a
> >month, and more than 800,000 albums and 10 million songs in our
> >database, Gracenote is the most comprehensive and widely accessible
> >platform for delivering music related content and services in the
> >world. Gracenote's products and services enhance the online music
> >experience for consumers and provide our partners with value-added
> >services, information, and revenue sources.


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