Re: [rumori] MP3s: pay-to-play: CDDB (fwd)

From: Jim Carrico (
Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 07:42:16 PST

>> no, it sends the cd serial number (or whatever) to the server, which
>CDs have digital serial numbers? Where? Distinct numbers?

actually, believe it or not, all CDDB does is use track time, number, and
order to determine a 'unique ID' for an audio CD - there's nothing else in
the 'red-book' audio spec to go on. But it turns out that that is enough -
the chance of having two CDs with the same number of tracks, with the
*exact* same lengths, in the same order is extremely unlikely.

>> answers back with the info. i believe it can do this just through http/cgi,
>> or througha special protocol.
>It's certainly weird: I wasn't even connected to the Net at the time. I
>wonder how that works?

ya got me there - you sure it didn't connect you? I'm pretty sure it needs
to connect to do the lookup.

>> use instead.
>> see

or you could check out musicbrainz - this began life as CD Index
( and was started in a similar moment of outrage
when CDDB went proprietary. It uses the GNU openContent licence which means
no-one will ever be able to take the info private - they're also planning a
system in which anyone can run their own mirror. They're using a moderation
system to improve the quality of metadata, which will include a lot more
info than basic artist-album-track info. (follow the Metadata Initiative
link on their site for more info about this.)

i met lead developer Rob Kaye at the P2P conference - he definitely got the
nod for best hair in show:$2906?mode=day

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