[rumori] pho: downloading streams...

From: Don Joyce (djATwebbnet.com)
Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 13:26:06 PST

Forwarded by Negativland.

  I thought I'd shoot
>off my first posting with the most interesting software I've used in the
>past couple of months. The Total Recorder allows you to download streams of
>music. (I'm not affiliated with either High Criteria or Friskit.)
>Try this combo out:
>1. download evaluation copy of Total Recorder 3.01 from
>http://www.highcriteria.com (if you want pay the $11.95 to register). Open
>program and select the options/recording source and select 44,100 Hz, 16
>bit, Stereo (or keep the default settings.)
>2. Now go to http://www.friskit.com (friskit is my favorite but you can go
>to any site with streaming audio) and search for any artist (check the
>settings for quality and length). Friskit will begin to stream any track
>that it can find on the net.
>3. Click Record on the Total Recorder and download ANY stream to your hard
>I've also tried Total Recorder out with Spinner, Listen.com, and a few
>others and aside from sometimes missing the first second of a track, it's
>The puzzle just keeps getting bigger and bigger...
>Justin Mitchell
>Director of New Media
>Gold Circle Label Group
>310.264.7839 ex.111
>1522-A Cloverfield
>Santa Monica CA 90404
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