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just in case you didnt' know about this:


Considerations on the Assassination of Gerard Lebovici
by Guy Debord (1931-1994)
Translated from the French & with Introduction by
Robert Greene (Available May 2001)

Guy Debord was the leading light in the Situationist
International. He and the group were the first to
criticize and comment on the role of the consumer in
Western society . If Dada was an artistic movement
that somehow pushed its artistic values into the
political arena, then the Situationists were political
and urban theorists who transformed politics into an
art forum. Debord's masterpiece "Society of the
Spectacle" is a stunning and witty critique on
contemporary society where the work week and
consumerism alienates the individual.

Considerations on the Assassination of Gerard Lebovici
is a book length rant against the French media with
regards to the murder of his good friend and financial
supporter Gerard Lebovici. Lebovici was a
gangster-tinted businessman, movie producer, publisher
(of great taste), and a major financial supporter of
Situationist activity - including ownership of a movie
theater that screened only the films by Debord & other
Situationists. It's suspected that Lebovici was killed
by gangsters, but certain groupings of the media
connected his death with the Situationists. In this
passionate book length rebuttal, Debord lashes out
with great humor and intensity towards the media and
defends his good friend Gerard Lebovici.

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