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Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 19:21:11 PST

         UbuWeb Visual, Concrete + Sound Poetry

U B U W E B :: N E W__R E S O U R C E S :: W I N T E R__2001


Ian Hamilton Finlay - Wild Hawthorn Press, 1960s


Julien d'Abrigeon - Shockwave Visual Sound Poem
Guerilla Poetry - Shockwave Poetry
Neil Hennessy - 2 New Java Applets
Lucas Mulder - random buttons (javascript poetry)
William Poundstone - 3 Shockwave Poems
Brian Kim Stefans - The Dreamlife of Letters
Fernando Strano - Flash Poetry
Ana Maria Uribe - 3 Animations


Vito Acconci - Ten Packed Minutes
Antonin Artaud - Pour en finir avec le jugement de dieu (1947)
Hugo Ball - 6 Sound Poems from 1916
Giacomo Balla - 3 Sound Poems from 1914
William S. Burroughs - Break Through in the Grey Room (1960s)
Francis E. Dec - 5 Rants
Marcel Duchamp - Lecutres, Interviews + Spoken Texts
Paul Dutton - Mouthpieces
Kipper Kids - Sheik of Araby
Paul McCarthy - Boston Bay
Gregory Whitehead - Blackhumour / Dead Languages

COMING SOON: In collaboration with the Electronic Poetry Center, University
of Buffalo: Historical MP3 Sound Poetry Archive (to be launched Spring 2001)


Kevin Concannon -- "Cut + Paste: Collage and the Art of Sound"
Dick Higgins - A Short History of Pattern Poetry
Daniele Lombardi -- "Futurism and Musical Notes"
Clark Lunberry -- "Broken English: Deviant Language and the Para-Poetic"
F.T. Marinetti -- "Geometric Mechanical Splendor + the Numeric Sensibility"
Gil McElroy -- "Ground States: The Visual Contexts of bpNichol"

              UbuWeb Visual, Concrete + Sound Poetry

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