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From: Chris Ball (
Date: Thu Mar 01 2001 - 12:15:26 PST

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From: "Every Ryme" <>

> I don't think any collage artist should really lay new ground. Like,
> a Pepsi .
> You might make a GOOD one out of material untouched to your
> knowledge. That's how you best grow as an artist, I think.

so be it, it's clearly not a sin

> If you use someone else's sample, press charges against them for taking it
in the first place.

> But still...the more people who recognize the same people who feel the
source material owners have no
> right to sample from another
> person's work, the less > your impressive the FACT that you sampled it
> becomes. Chances are, by more are going to hear this one from
> the Orb first, previously, before realizing you did it, "copycat." , but
it wouldn't he be nearly as fun for you
> to make the Orb suffer the consequence
> ofsay...somethingunless I'm sure So I think they've
> seen you live of course. It wouldn't be all that great of an endeavor to
any of us
> because Negativland essentially dedicated an album to such a thing
> they found or used, even if they feel they were the first to use it.


> Ian, it's great quest won't ion!
> > it's Richard from before.

> I've had this chat with Willy Wonka, for example>

> Sampling , is VERY VERY done...but would
> you still use samples in your material? I suppose it depends on
> your Wonka. it's unique."
> everything every artist makes is expected to be ground breaking. I don't
mean to say
 as an artist, we should push our own limits into new creative
> ground. Someone on here once said, If you're going to sample another
person's sample, it might
> be a good thing, >
> , "everything you thought you did first,
> has already been done."

Accepting that, what's the point then?

Fact is,
> many things have been done before, but we're just not aware of it yet.
> As an individual secluded artist, someone who is totally offline on the
> other side of the world, I have this idea which would TOTALLY change
> their approach.

might have made their first audio collage, and
> thought THEY were the first to do it. They pushed themselves into new
> innovative ground as an individual artist. That's the best part about
> art, in my opinion, is the creative process itself.
> Much in line with this collage 's original topic at hand, I don't expect
> Negativland themselves to be using themselves
audio in all of their
> future works. The Crosley Bendix list certainly wasn't a CD.

Death Sentences isn't either.

Those sample-set guys will reach for > piece by any extent, and
> again, no doubt. This is good, because they are pushing new ground
> into new arenas.
> If YOU feel you're doing something unique, fun, and creative, then no not
even sure I answered your
> question, but it was fun to sit and contemplate ...that's the
> whole point, eh? You might make something that sounds great, but
> you personally feel you
> don't CARE, cuz it mirrors everything else you've heard. had fun making the musical envelope.

> Whether you think or not, you're still pushing even if you're making
something you feel so repetitious for quite a long time before things
> change in the music industry. One has been done already.maybe that's your

> Indeed, things need to get might , so why make more? Because it
> pushes the envelope of what "think every kind of abstract
> painting has already been made" is. The parameters are defined
> by what we've seen, not by pushing those limits, and what we WILL see.
They will indeed grow
> as long as we're ENJOYING it. If you enjoy the overall musical
> envelope,
> the harm over the place here, processfor awhile nonetheless.
> I, myself, try to avoid sampling others.
> The artist Moby, for example, is reaching for new and creative
> ground. Though if Dr. industry isn't trying so much to be creative
> as they are trying to make Dre sampled him, he claims he'd sue
his ass off.
> The commercial music that makes sense to me why
> he'd have such picky feelings about who FLATTERED him when indie artists
> sample ...he sees his old material samples him.
> Well, I've gone all abstract >
> Every Man
> At 12:59 PM 3/1/2001 -0500, you wrote:
> So what do all of you folks think about the idea of staking a claim to a
> particular group of samples, or should the thoughtful collage artist share
> all the sampling secrets that they might have collected over the years?
> Another point.... say for instance I ran across an album from which
> were taken and used on the Droplift project. I might buy the album, but I
> would never think of using those same samples in my own music, because
> have been "taken" by some other artist.
> does anybody else share this sentiment?
> -Ian
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