[rumori] Re: pho: Another Creator Bashing Washington Bash

From: Don Joyce (djATwebbnet.com)
Date: Thu Mar 01 2001 - 22:03:47 PST

Take the protector's cut out of protecting artists, and let's see how many
feel like protecting artists any longer. How about it, Dean, you first?
...Uh, Can't someone else handle that experiment?...Like, how will you
Poor helpless artists, what would they possibly do without you guys? Why
don't you just admit that these spreading adverse attitudes towards the IP
control system you advocate is about YOUR chosen living being at stake,
whether artists' livings are or not. Frankly, we're quite used to making
stuff for no return, do it all the time. I don't see ANY art "protectors"
doing that or used to doing that, and THAT is the difference between music
makers and their legion of straight suited or casually dressed, for profit,

Nobody here seems to like my aspersions of `parasites' towards corporate
record biz workers, but let me reassure you, artists and their work are
just as subject to parasites espousing "protection" from parasites for a
price. Artists don't owe ANYBODY else a living, even their self-proclaimed
protectors-for-profit do they?

I continue to recommend night classes in internal combustion as a way to
get your good horse sense out of this pickle, but not for long.

>CEA's Digital Download Conference, Another Scam, Another Sham
>All the usual suspects, including one, lone, requisite, industry
>bashing artist - will show up in Washington, yet again, in an attempt to
>convince Congress that if it wasn't for those pesky creative types,
>those people that give their technology something to do, their life on
>the Net would be just ducky.
>This one isn't as bad as January's Future of Music Summit because
>everyone knows, in front, where the Consumer Electronics Association
>(CEA) is coming from; but, I'm rather sorry to see the RIAA and the MPAA
>continuing to participate in these one sided events, as it is quite
>evident that the point of these lopsided presentations is to trash trade
>organizations, and those they represent, as a means of getting at
>creators and decimating the creator's right to fair protection under the
>law and fair compensation.
>Such a scam, such a sham.
>Very sad.
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