Re: [rumori] Disney = 666

From: nakedrabbit (
Date: Mon Mar 05 2001 - 20:19:28 PST

>No doubt you'd have spectacular ammunition
>against them. Write me offline if you'd prefer, unless you feel at ease
>publicly flaming this immoral, restrictive, and abusive corporate
>shithole like I do.

I don't mind saying anything publicly - unless it bogs down the list. Is
Disney any MORE evil than any other corporation? It's hard to say.
"Evil" as we tend to think about it requires some cruel mastermind
designing all of this for some unfair reason, as if our suffering at
their hands brings "them" enjoyment. I've never seen these wicked
overlords. I think it's just a matter of different interests. They
might SAY they are interested in art and animation, but what they actualy
interested in is exercising some of that MBA business school crap they

I don't know that they are any worse than Warmer Brothers or DreamJerks
for how the suits at the top run everything by the margins and play funny
games with the stocks so they get better golden parachutes.

I find Disney to be a VERY stifling, repressive environment for the
artist, but at the same time it isn't THAT much worse than other areas of
production animation. I've heard people losing their minds at every
other studio as well. And at the super-top tier of animation Disney
treats artists like gods. Too bad the only people that get to that tier
have got the same watered-down pablum mentality that the corporate
leaders do.

So it's really a matter of water seeking its own level.
>"If Disney did indeed end up taking over the entire state of Florida,
>or even the USA for that matter...

Well, they are apparently working on Hollywood Boulevard now, and I know
they own a chunk if not all of Times Square.

>we'd be far better off than we are
>now, more ethical, and would have greater freedom of our artistic

My experience with Disney's "ethics" is that they have a weak spot for
listening to every crank southern preacher who organizes a letter
campaign against anything. So substitute "ethics" for "endless pandering
to squeaky wheels from the fringe" and you get the message.

>Disney promotes creative thinking, originality, and
>breaking away from the conventional norm."

They do promote these things, but when you create anything for them that
EXPRESSES these qualities they will stamp it with their name, relegate it
to the Disney rubbish heap, and keep YOU from doing anything with it ever.
>When you've finished laughing (puking?) I'd like to hear your
>thoughts, if you wouldn't mind.

The real war is not against the corporations, which aren't even people
and cannot even respond properly, but against MBA's and CEO's, who are
the individuals responsible for our pains. Let's jail them all and maybe
we'll get somewhere.

Somebody tell me to stop if I'm just causing line noise.

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