Re: [rumori] Disney = 666

From: Chris Ball (
Date: Tue Mar 06 2001 - 09:44:37 PST

> I think of corporations as a certain kind of machine, and
> some machines have certain tendencies toward certain uses
> Most business schools simply teach their executives-to-be
> how to be the very best at following the current rules of
> corporate reality. Jailing the MBAs will just create a
> temporary shortage of trained personnel, but others will
> step in to fill the breach, and follow the same rules,
> unless the rules get changed.

Correct as usual, King Friday

What's been missing from the equation is Union Action with Global aims, to
counter the machine of Capitalism's global agenda.

Even if CEOs would love to give benefits to say, workers, or consumers, the
fact is their hands are tied to their one function - increasing the value of
the corporation for its investors. Even our imaginary kinder gentler CEO
will need strong, organized opposition for an excuse to make concessions
against profits.

Even folks at the record companies might think that say, Napster is no big
deal. But it must be attacked for investors' sake.

On the other hand, corporations do not have a history of kindness or
gentleness, as Mother Jones tells from the grave. I imagine most top
management people think about A) their bank accounts; especially in
high-rotation jobs like Studio Head or CEO of GM.

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