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From: { brad brace } (bbraceATeskimo.com)
Date: Tue Mar 13 2001 - 06:25:09 PST

The visible world is haunted by the possibility of another world. These
images are therefore not aesthetic in their beauty, solidity or
completeness, but precisely in their transparency, fragility and
potentiality. This work is a tableau of imperfect fragments that seek, in
a crippled construction, in an open work of art, the obverse of the image.
These images, in their incomplete state, thus do not offer themselves to
our gaze as an object, but invite the gaze as it were to enter and slip
between the components, the little things, the elements of which it is
made up. The viewer has to force a way into the image in order to
understand its essence. It is not a matter of seeing the
things-in-themselves, but of penetration, of getting between things.

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