Re: [rumori] RE: pho: "threshold" for copyright??

From: king wilson (
Date: Sat Mar 17 2001 - 01:01:52 PST

>This was such a purely intellectual gambit at such an elemental level >that
>it remains necessarily one of a kind, (there are no different versions >of
>silence) unrepeatable as art because once it has been done as art, it >can
>go nowhere new. Like Pollack's barely controled drip paintings,someone
>only has to do it once and after that others who follow the procedure >will
>only end up with a painterly phenomenon virtually the same as > Pollac's.

It's things like the above that make me nervous about saying 'Never'
  How can you say that all 'drip paintings' will be virtually the same as
Pollac? I'm not a fan of painting, but it seems to me that true innovation
will only come from someone who is thinking in an origional way. And the
fact that DJ (whom I have an immense amount of respect for) cannot see what
particular way this will manifest itself, only makes it more
  It's not suprising that no one now can see what form this innovation will
take. That's exactly the point.....
  All you need to do is compare artistic innovation to scientific
innovation, to see that just when you think you have learned all there is to
learn, some little window opens up, and a new universe becomes clear....

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