Re: [rumori] curve of sound innovation

From: nakedrabbit (
Date: Sat Mar 17 2001 - 14:54:06 PST

>The addition of new kinds of sound elements HAS been of great interest to
>the musical avant guard throughout the last century.

Undeniably. But since all of these can still be reduced to the old
"Toot, Whistle, Plunk, Boom," it sounds like your argument is still
headed in the direction of post-1964 art criticism.

I say post 1964 becaus eseveral critics have pointed to the Warhol Brillo
boxes (first exhibited in '64) as being the turning point. Even though
we are all aware of precedents to this, it seems that many find the
Brillo Box a potent symbol for how ANY object or materiual can be
introduced into art practice, and how the critical posture is the only
necessary component to calling a thing "art."

Personally, I'm not so convinced that criticism is so empowered, but that
may be a different argument, and I already owe a big apology to Vicki for
keeping the chatter level up so high on this list.

>It has inmvolved a
>virtual redefinition of what might be music. It has no meaning to music
>beyond that and does not necessarily produce good music, but it HAS been an
>intensive exploration - and one that is now completed!

Well, in the same sense that exploration and addition of new materials AS
A PROJECT OF ART in general (and as a project of the 20th c. avant-garde)
has been completed - and for quite some time now - yeah, I'd agree. At
leats until we discover some new stuff to make noise with, which happens
all the time. Like I said before, we've been convinced we've made as many
kinds of noises as we can several times. I'm sure the monks bellowing
mediaeval chants figured they had gone about as far as this music thing
was going to go.

>ON. But then all art is a put on, isn't it?

Spoken like a man with some background in the subject!

>I wish I could find people as
>amused by this particular end to musical exploration as I am.

Oh, I'm amused, all right, but it's sort of old news, isn't it? If we
figure the "end of art" people to have started ranting in 1964 this puts
the news just before I was born.

>I do think
>it's funny.... considering we all also learned in the last century that
>"anything goes."

For now, anyway. In my reading I've come across the notion that this
kind of "postmodern" anything-goes attitude towards the arts appears to
be the result of a pendulum swing. At least one critic has determined it
has happened before - in Silver Age Rome and in Middle Kingdom Egypt!

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