[rumori] Proxomitron (was: SADaily editorial: Most Dangerous Piece of Software in the World)

From: Ken (kenzoATfree-music.com)
Date: Fri Mar 23 2001 - 12:00:48 PST

Funny how much like an advertisement this article read like.

As the author mentioned, other software that performs this function has been around for a long time. He claims the other software isn't as seamless or user-friendly, but then admits that non-techies aren't going to install it for another 12 months anyway. Sounds a lot like one of those "hot IPO invest now!!!" messages.

Fact is, while the software he mentions may have utility, Proxomitron has been around for a long time, is completely free, and is developed in an open fashion where users are encouraged to help with changes or contribute their own new filters to the Proxomitron site (since no automatic filtering can possibly work forever, as, for one thing, web authors try to outsmart the filters). And I've given this program to various moderately unsavvy users and they've installed it without issue. And this program is ALREADY very, very powerful.

I always tend to lean towards the things that are developed for free, in an open fashion. And this makes all the more sense when we're talking about a program that subverts advertising and other unwanted content.

(Oh, to be fare, it isn't freeware: It's "ShonenWare". You are allowed to use and copy the program freely, for as long as you want, but you are encouraged to register. Registering requires you to buy a Shonen Knife album, or otherwise demonstrate that you have an affinity for them already.)

It's at http://proxomitron.cjb.net/ , and if you're using a PC, I would recommend this program as strongly as possible.

- Ken
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At 06:19 AM 3/23/01 -0800, Don Joyce wrote:
> > The Most Dangerous Piece of Software in the World - by Jason
> >McCabe Calacanis
> >
> >WebWasher instantly and seamlessly removes all advertising,
> >cookies, and pop-up ads from your browser with the promise to
> >maintain your privacy while saving you time and money by reducing
> >all the bandwidth taken up by online advertising. It is an
> >undeniable value proposition.
> >
> >Software like this has existed in various forms over the years, but
> >nothing I've seen is as seamless and user-friendly as WebWasher's
> >latest version. This is not to say non-techies are going to start
> >installing it, but in my estimation WebWasher is about two versions
> >and 12 months away from going mainstream.

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