Re: [rumori] Napster-Proof CDs

From: Steev Hise (
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 11:47:14 PST

very interesting article. the CD copy protection scheme
seems pretty trivial and easy to get around.

But the scary thing, mentioned at the end, is the idea of
the industry's main goal: getting rid of the CD altogether
and replacing it with new formats that include more secure
copy protection. Like the Dataplay discs.

this is where consumer action will determine the future...
DON'T BUY Dataplay!! Don't buy anything with draconian
copyright technology!! If the consumer refuses, the Culture
Trust will lose. but what they're hoping is that these shiny
new formats will be enticing enough that people will give
away their freedoms.



Steev Hise, Nervert
"Like mice placed in a jar of oxygenated
 fluid, capital's shift to non-material
 symbolic systems of exchange locks it in
 a series of spasms as it learns to stop
  breathing air and begins to breathe bits."
                  -Patrick Lichty, "Grasping at Bits"

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