Re: [rumori] Napster-Proof CDs

From: Every Man (
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 14:13:58 PST

I've heard that DVD-A is supposed to be the next replacement for CD's.
Neil Young was quoted as saying he'll go forward and release all his
back catalog exclusively in DVD-A format. Though, don't know if that
means much. But pretty much everything you said about CD's below
applies to DVD's....though I guess you could fit more songs on a DVD.

At 01:56 PM 3/27/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>That's interesting that you mention that they're going to try to come up
>with a new format. I've been saying for years that it will be hard for the
>music industry to try to come up with an audio format that will make CD's
>look obsolete.
>-CD's are small. You can't get much smaller packaging than CD's if you
>still want to have artwork and liner notes.
>-CD's are a perfect reproduction of what can be recorded in sound,
>according to most listeners' ears.
>-They already have random access (you can select any track and instantly
>play it).
>-The amount of songs in a CD is about the amount that many people are
>comfortable listening to at one time from a single artist.
>I probably won't be any more tempted to buy this than I was to buy a
>minidisc player (for purposes other than recording) or a DVD player. I'd
>be interested in seeing how they'll try to sell it.

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