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From: Gregg Gillis (
Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 00:18:12 PST

Hi. I'm Gregg. I'm new to the list and wanted to introduce myself.

I've been making music for about 5 years now. My high school years were
spent doing electronic experimentation with my band / collective, The
Joysticks Battle the Scan Feed Relay to Your Skull (based out of
Pittsburgh). We earned a rather infamous reputation within our time for our
performance art tactics and suburban events / guerilla shows (or maybe
"pranks" would be a better word). If interested, lots of documents under
performances at . Our performances typically included
breaking contact-mic-ed televisions and computers with baseball bats and
throwing fireworks into the crowd and in general, alienating lots of people.

During the last two years of our exsistance, we began doing some work using
other peoples' music as source material. We were really focused on just
playing other peoples' music and making noise overtop. We have a nice page that doesn't feature any of these songs but copyright
infringement on another level ( ). We were banned a
couple times from there for trying to upload various pieces and then somehow
"approving" the songs for copyright ourselves (my partner went ahead and did
that). During our last year, we started to dive into some collage work. But
we graduated and I moved to Cleveland, where I now reside, and have been
heavily involved in collage / deconstruction of pop music for past 7-8
months, under the title Girl Talk. Some of my songs seem to be getting a
little popular on Napster. I claimed an "unmix" on Kid 606's "Straight Outta
Compton." Unmixing = labeling the original piece as your remix of a remix
into the original form. He won't listen to my CDr I sent him, and I don't
think he even knows of my unmix. I thought we were friends.

I like "Full House" the TV show, mashed potatos, the new Matmos record, and
cardigen sweaters in the winter.

I got a hair cut last week.

One time, I convinced a guy that my high-school label, OOBS Records, managed
Vitamin C. And he told me via email that he wanted her to come to a bunch of
festivals somewhere and do some promo whatevers, and I pretended like it was
all happening. That was exciting.

My friend and I are involved in putting out a "Merzbox" of our own right
now. (Merzbox is the 50 CD + more items Merzbow box set = $500). We're going
to do 50 CDrs of us interpretting and sampling Merzbow and sell it in a
boxset form for probably around $25. It might be called "Gregg and Matt
Can't Afford Merzbox, and Either Can You" or something like that.

My roomate is listening to Korean pop music.

I'm listening to my own music on CDr because I'm ridiculous.

And that's about it.


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> In a similar vein this web site
> is more or less bootlegged Star Wars:A New Hope, well the video part at
> least. Every week you get a 320x240 segment of the movie (widescreen),
> with a new vocal track.
> I guess this is their response to copy right infringement, from their
> FAQ.
> > 31) Aren't you afraid George Lucas will hunt
> you down?
> >
> > A: Only if he tries to give us static
> electricity shocks with his beard.
> >
> > B: Yes. None of us would look good stuffed
> on his mantle.
> >
> > C: Not as afraid as we are about Jar Jar
> being in Episode 2.
> Peter A Lopez
> Steev Hise wrote:
> > funny south park-starwars juxtaposition, done by 2 fans:
> >
> >
> > interesting copyright-related angle - they were originally
> > going to do a 64 minute film but realized that lifting audio
> > straight from the Phantom Menace was going to get them in
> > trouble. they also were approached by Comedy Central
> > lawyers (about the south park content) who said since
> > it was so well done and "fun" they would not take action...
> >
> > smh
> >
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