Re: [rumori] Sampling the Wilson family

From: Edward Milhuisen (
Date: Mon Apr 09 2001 - 03:04:31 PDT

I really doubt that this would be copyrighted
unless someone actually took the trouble to
do so.(that would be weeeiiird) Normally it goes per
song (with it's individual elements) excluding all
the embarrassing noises that land on the recording
tape in between.
Maybe it would fall under some form of privacy
We should consult Hal Stakke on this one.

David Dixon wrote:

> I've recently had a track put "on hold" (ie. "pocket vetoed") by for unlicensed sampling. What I sampled was the famous Murry-Wilson-invades-the-studio-and-makes-the-Beach-Boys'-lives-hell studio session from hell outtake tape. Two questions:
> 1. How can a conversation be copyrighted?
> 2. How the hell am I supposed to get permission to use it?

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