Re: [rumori] breaking the monopoly

From: matt davignon (
Date: Mon Apr 09 2001 - 15:43:24 PDT

>From: Steev Hise <>

>you mean people just use as a sort of advertisement
>for their real page on some other site (perhaps detritus)?

I'm thinking of it the other way around, using detritus as some sort of
advertisement for the personal mp3 pages of advertised musicians. The
intention behind the idea was so that non pages have a chance of
being spotted by people who might be interested in them.

As far as internet music sites go, is about as visible as you can
get without already being famous. The other sites (Iuma,,,, and so on) are great if people know where to
find your stuff, but people are a lot less likely to stumble upon it.

For me, the best thing about being on is that people who stumble
upon my page and happen to send me emails about it have become good musical
friends and contacts for me. I've probably met half a dozen really
interesting musicians this way.

>of course that still leaves people beholden to
>paying fees and such just for having a page there. but maybe
>it's worth it. i have no idea how much traffic
>really gets for the average unknown artist.

People who are already on don't have to pay a thing, unless they
want to be able to remove ads from their pages, get thier earnings, or
(unoffically) to post new mp3's. Officially, you are allowed to post new
mp3's, but since tracks submitted by paying artists get priority in the
listening/posting continuum, staff will simply never get around to
listening and posting tracks by non paying artists.

For the amount of monthly fees you'd pay to use, you could have a
pretty decent sized website of your own, with your own designs and whatever
URL you want. But then again, people are less likely to stumble upon it
without good linkage.

>i actually am planning a detritus streaming radio project.
>just need to install a new big hard drive and collect the
>files ...



Matt Davignon
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