[rumori] Detritus.net presents Omnimedia Artists

From: Erick Gallun (gallunATsocrates.berkeley.edu)
Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 01:57:20 PDT

Detritus.net presents: An Evening of Omnimedia Artists

The Bay Area's Omnimedia series has been host to nearly 100 local and
semi-local electronic audio and visual artists over the past 5 years.
Tonight we feature some veterans of the series spawned in the
technological madness that is the Bay Area.

Thursday, Apr 19 2001 8:00 PM, $6-10 slide

The Luggage Store
1007 Market Street (at 6th Street)
Upstairs (2nd Floor)
San Francisco CA

This show will be much simpler and less technologically overwhelming
(due to the size of the venue) and will feature improvisational and
semi-staged performances utilizing trickle-down technological
gadgetry, Max MSP, ASCII keyboarding, fractalizations, off-the-shelf
noise boxes, dueling PowerBooks, modified/circuitBent toys, and a
couple of whining Afghan hounds.

Artists include, but will be difficult to differentiate:

Space Mesa Extract (Berkeley)
(New advances in Brain Science bridge time and space to extract the
sounds of the Erisian mental environment known only as Space Mesa.
Our past has become your future... www.ovenguard.com)

Bic Kitty Urchestrix (a big city)
(itchy screamy in warm noise milk...www.jps.net/ubuibi)

God's Grandparents (El Cerrito)
(Tendrils of silicon, mind-controlled madness, trickle-down
technology & ASCII click-click)

BigTex (Sacramento)
(Electronic dissasembly and restructure)

Fringe (Oakland)
(Further explorations of sub-dimensional space via interactive analog
fractal video feedback wormholes...

And An Extra Special Secret Guest...

"[Omnimedia] integrates an overwhelming collection of electronic
media, audio, video, and assorted visual stimuli into an impressive
assemblage of all things electronic...like a garage sale of
old-fashioned gizmos. I was more than a little bewildered and
wondered how anyone trying to create sounds in a warehouse full of
equipment junkies would have a clue as to which sounds they were
generating themselves...this was exactly the point of the evening's
festivities: a complete loss of the egotistical self-awareness that
often plagues "new music" events. An evening of Omnimedia pays
tribute to a bygone era of electronica. Gearheads reveling in
time-honored analog traditions can inspire further reflection on how
far we've come in such a short time. As you run out to buy the latest
digital gadgets, remember Omnimedia's maxim: That bit of electronix
you covet today, you will find in a garage sale or swap meet
tomorrow. [Good hunting!]"
  --excerpted from Electronic Musician Magazine, Dec. 98, Tech Notes
Section: "A Vintage Multimedia Encounter" by Bean.

You can check out more info on past Omnimedia shows through our
online magazine, Omnicetera at:
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