Re: [rumori] Detritus radio

From: Every Man (
Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 12:41:55 PDT

> I think she took your question to be
> rhetorical, when you apparently meant it as a serious request for
> information.

Being the "curator" of the Free Speech For Sale project, I have no place to DISAGREE with her statement.(I wholeheartedly agree about Moby, as well.)

Yes, quality and ignorant dabbling are pretty much my own criteria for curating FSFS tracks, and when those are all said and done, I pick what I personally feel are the most impressive, and hope I don't hurt anyone's feelings.

The beauty of net-radio, versus a compilation CD, is that you aren't nearly as limited in terms of what you can put on it. Your limitation is only the amount of disk space you have to allocate to it, so you don't have to stick with rotating the same 20 - 30 tracks 24 hours a day which would be totally monotonous (like top 40.)

Steev, what if I submit a collage of songs by the Stay Cats? ;)

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