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>Modernity 101 (For the long version, read Marshall Berman's still
>mind-blowing All that is Solid Melts Into Air): Everyone in urbane,
>capitalist society feels the alienation of an artist. Everyone thinks what
>they do, or are, is more authentic than the mass; everyone looks with envy
>on some hallowed few. Consumerism becomes more like art; art becomes more
>like consumerism. Throw darts and you'll only hit your own face. Come on,
>folks! This is basic cultural studies here. Didn't you go to college? I'll
>throw in a final prediction: as we all spend the 21st century drowning in a
>sea of product, both the recorded legacy of the 20th and reams of
>interconnected contemporary stuff, elegant approaches to sifting will be a
>hell of a lot more valued than all but the greatest "new" creations.
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