[rumori] (Un)Selected Qualipy In Sound Art was Re: pho: We the people

From: Chris Ball (ball2000ATball2000.com)
Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 13:35:28 PDT

Regarding the selecting of the good and the beautiful, the 'truly new,' the
'greatest' new.
I have a terrific resistance to canonization for want of a better word,
which can only be called phobia.
It's a conspiracy feary of our cultural legacy of "great man theory,"
alongside "noble savage;" thus-and-so was the first to X the Y (precedence
theory), the rhythmic components are clearly descended from Z (seminalism,
so-called "evolution" in culture), well, not to mention the myth of Genius
("out of nowhere, Bird") (and I do have heroes, but feel guilty about what I
might be missing) Influence ("At Yale she met Harvard and it is beleived
that they must have jammed together at The Hot Spot"), etx, etx, Not that
these myths or mythos aren't based entirely in fact (or rather the
historical text, well let's not go there, although that's precisely what I'm
getting at. Aha. ****

The reasons for our selections tend to create or rely on pre-existing schema
in the historical text (ooh, he DID go to College!). I mean "this is great,
that's great," sayin' it don't make it so, it's just what you heard, don't
believe everything that you read/ "discover" (pick a card, any card), and
what about those unsung moments of greatness even (especially) mediocrity

I'm preaching this to detritus? ****

It's all too easy. (Well, too hard, really) (Obviously my personal mythos
is Genius, something from nothing (you should see my schedule D it's
hilarious), I suppose I want us to each pull a complete and inspiring
catalog out of our ... ears, out of the ether, trees...)

By way of an antidote to the historical text, I believe any collection is
incomplete without 50% of imbecilic additions. That's my elegant approach
to sifting.

Of course, I'm just paranoid I'll be trapped in a collapsing cultural branch
(like Mime, Reggae or.. Collage? (couldn't happen, not to us, Collage is a
Mother Art, right?)). And of course I'm a hypocrite here, I avoid
best-sellers and like obscurity for its own sake (ah solopsism, my only

Anyway, that's my elegant IDEA of an approach to sifting, not my consistent
practice ...BOTH of the records I own are by Stereolab... Which is in
keeping with my inconsistently inconsistent manipropostoe.

Well there's the problem with the results my method yeilds Innoccuherence
(not to mention disastrously bad purchases). Although coherence, like the
Internet, is not for everybody.

Too many virus are below to us

Hi. Ball2000's the |: name. A lot of people ask me, "what is your :|
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From: "Steev Hise" <steevATdetritus.net>

>everyone had the same
>prediction: we all spend the 21st century drowning in elegant approaches to
>more valued than all but the greatest "new" curriculums.
> I agree completely!! Future curators rise!!

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