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From: Every Man (
Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 17:51:30 PDT

we've had a three hour radio show dedicated to sport. It was a found
sound collage mix of approximately 20 sports broadcasts, all
completely different sports...ranging from american football to auto

Email me offline if interested. I can burn a high quality mp3 to a
CDR for you, if that's and acceptable format.

Every Man

>I would like to pick your brains - am looking for examples of
>art/music that uses sport (and possibly the wider theme of leisure)
>as the core concept within it. Am looking for existing films,
>installations, performances, artworks, music... well, actually any
>Am ONLY really interested in work that is experimental or pushing
>boundaries/opening people up to new ideas, particularly new works.
>Am also interested in any interactive computer
>games/artwork/activities that exist, ones that can be played on the
>internet. If you could supply as many contact details for accessing
>the work/people involved then all the better.
>Thanks very much for your help.
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