[rumori] Fw: [microsound] Challenge to the results of the challenge (SDMI)

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Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 11:22:31 PDT

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Subject: [microsound] Challenge to the results of the challenge (SDMI)

> some of you might like this...
> xoxo,
> Akira Rabelais
> A copy of the letter from Matthew J. Oppenheim to Professor Edward Felton
> regarding the release of information about cracking SDMI. Also includes:
> >Reading Between the Lines: Lessons from the SDMI Challenge
> http://cryptome.org/sdmi-attack.htm
> (We understand that in conjunction with the 4th International
> Information Hiding Workshop to be held April 25-29, 2001, you and your
> colleagues who participated in last year's Secure Digital Music Initiative
> ("SDMI") Public Challenge are planning to publicly release information
> concerning the technologies that were included in that challenge and
> methods you and your colleagues developed as part of your participation in
> the challenge. On behalf of the SDMI Foundation, I urge you to reconsider
> your intentions and to refrain from any public disclosure of confidential
> information derived from the Challenge and instead engage SDMI in a
> constructive dialogue on how the academic aspects of your research can be
> shared without jeopardizing the commercial interests of the owners of the
> various technologies. )...
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