[rumori] Re: pho: An open letter to CEOs

From: Don Joyce (djATwebbnet.com)
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 15:46:47 PDT

It is exactly this sort of thing that necessitated the founding of the No
Fun Allowed Corporation. Today, the NFAC has sent every Baskin Robbins
outlet a warning notification informing them that if this practice is not
discontinued immediately, we will be forced to publicise the contents of
their product to the public, including its direct relationship to heart
desease, diabetes, and all the other dibilitating and poisoness aspects of
this tooth aching product, and otherwise inform their neighborhoods of the
cultural and economic crimes against humanity involved in this blatant
disrespect for THE WAY WE LIVE. If this were to spread to other businesses,
just think how soon we would all be helpless and homeless and eating
garbage at the dump! Ice cream indeed!

Thank you, Stacie, for informing the NFAC of this shocking infringement of
America's ONLY viable business model and this undisguised attempt to push
this insideously seductive product to CHILDREN by not charging for it! This
is the business model of DRUG DEALERS!

For her efforts, Stacie has been nominated for a special supplemental NFAC
Fun Stoppers Award for this month, due to the extreme dangers involved in
her timely
information and the civic conscience she has shown in informing us of this
perversity now occuring in our neighborhoods. How close can it get?! Free
fun is the greatest and most suversive of all the dangers capitalism faces,
and no different than all the other rabble rousing dangers our potentially
lucrative democracy faces. It too requires constant vigilence by everyone
to make sure we keep this plague away from our door. If we want to STAY
ALIVE, we have no other choice. Be a NFAC informer wherever you live, and
together we CAN fight for no fun in America before it's too late!

President and CEO
"If it's fun, it's illegal"

> Or any company looking for a CEO... Get to know (or even hire) the
>CEO of Baskin Robbins. Tonight was "free scoop" night at Baskin
>Robbins. Every neighborhood Baskin Robbins handed out a free scoop of
>ice cream to everyone who walked through their doors. Any flavor you
>wanted, cup or cone, no charge. The neighborhood stores were lined-up
>with eager families happily announcing which flavor they wanted to
>have. Giggles from children, and a patience in parents not often seen
>in long lines with anxious kids. Plenty of employees scooping and
>keeping the lines moving fast! But what was an even greater site
>was that the people stayed around to eat their cones. Sitting on curbs,
>sidewalks, tables and chairs all full of chocolate faces. All ages.
>Laughing. Talking. Eating. Sharing. Community at it's proudest.
>Tomorrow it will be back to business for Baskin Robbins. No one will
>expect a free cone tomorrow. Some didn't even expect it today. But the
>neighborhood is closer. Friendlier. Maybe even new friends were made
>while sharing an ice cream on a warm summer night in the middle of the
>week. A very impactful way to run a business. Stacie Seifrit

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