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Date: Fri May 04 2001 - 07:33:23 PDT

They also link to me, because I have a webpage providing
instructions to extract the audio from their avi and mpeg
formats. It's a bit tougher than you might think!

At 02:30 AM 5/2/2001 -0700, you wrote:

>Rick Prelinger maintains a huge collection of films, 1000 of
>which recently became available online ( at
> ). Below is an interesting exchange from
>the Nettime list in which someone questions the archive's
>usage policies, and he responds.
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>Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 07:15:03 -0700
>From: Rick Prelinger <>
>Subject: Re: <nettime> Sounds like it could be handy
>Mr. Bad writes:
> >Specifically, Open Source software can be sold for money. Why can't I
> >sell your archived movies? Or show them in a theater? Why? Why? Why?
> >
> >Second, if most of the movies are in the public domain, why try to put
> >-any- restrictions on them?
> >
>You are misreading our restrictions slightly. You can show the movies in a
>theater, on TV, in a stadium, online, or anywhere you want using any means
>of distribution. You can incorporate the movies or segments from them into
>any kind of derivative work and sell or give away that work as your own.
>There are only two things we would prefer you not do: sell or take money
>for the original files, and/or use them to go into the stock footage
>Why? Two primary reasons.
>First, we would like to support nonprofit entities and promote public
>consciousness of what they can and should be doing. I wanted to concretely
>assist the expansion of public digital archives and libraries by donating
>online distribution rights to these films to a nonprofit rather than
>licensing them to a commercial enterprise. Typically, privately owned
>media collections are never released to the public in downloadable form.
>This project is a significant exception, and I think the credit for this
>should go to the nonprofit organization (IA) that has funded this project
>and created this public resource.
>The second restriction (no stock footage sales) is difficult to justify,
>but an unfortunate necessity. The 1001 films in the Internet Moving Images
>Archive come from my own collection (Prelinger Archives), which is quite
>large (about 48,000 titles) and expensive to maintain. We don't receive
>government or grant support; the income to maintain it and keep it open
>comes from commercial stock footage sales. Without this income, the
>collection would no longer exist. Although the company that represents us
>for stock footage sales has exclusive rights to sell footage, we do retain
>the rights to make complete films available on whatever terms we like. We
>have chosen to give away broadcast-quality versions of 1001 key films.
>Much content of significant cultural and historical importance resides in
>private collections. This initiative is an early instance of what I hope
>will one day become a common occurrence: opening up a private collection to
>the public. Perhaps we deviate slightly from the canonical definition of
>Open Source. If so, I apologize. I prefer to think that we are trying to
>find sustainable ground between the imperative to make information publicly
>available for free and the necessity to earn income to survive.
>For background on this project, please check the article at
>Rick Prelinger
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