[rumori] Out of the Art

From: Steev Hise (steevATdetritus.net)
Date: Sat May 12 2001 - 10:41:23 PDT

I don't agree that radio is the ONLY medium where there can
be surprise. It IS indeed all about context, i agree, or
the "frame". what you're basically saying is radio hardly
ever gets put in an "art frame". of course when someone
purposely tunes in to Over The Edge they're looking into a
frame that's pretty similiar, IMHO, if not the art frame per
se. eh?

other mediums where surprise can potentially take place:

street theater
grafitti and outdoor ad modification
the internet

(but again these can all be "framed" by "framing" types like
curators, art history professors, etc - if i go to an event
expecting to see "street theater", it's no longer a
surprise-prone event. i'm talking about if i'm just walking
down the street on the way to work and i see some weird
guerilla performance or something. etc blah blah...)

and i'm sure we could think of others...

the basic phenomenon can be summarized thus: calling
something art and placing it in an "art" context creates
certain expectations. doing otherwise avoids those

Another question: Don, why do you think it's important that
people know (or think they know) that others are listening
to a radio broadcast? you mention that CDs can't deliver the
unexpected, but that's exactly what i've been trying to do
with this project called Record Store. i think i've
announced it here before, but anyway:


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