[rumori] electronic arts event in london (fwd)

From: Bob Boster (meridiesATdetritus.net)
Date: Mon May 14 2001 - 22:08:50 PDT

Mr. Meridies first international gig...come if you can, this should be

Electronic Arts AT291

An Epic Programme of Electronic Art and Sound at London's 291 Gallery
presented by Electronic Arts Focus

Thursday 17 May, 2001
291 Gallery
291 Hackney Road
London E2
Bus: 26, 48, 55
Tube: Old Street /Bethnal Green
Rail: Liverpool Street

** Live Performances **
Eddie Prevost (drums) and Marianthi Papalexandri (objects)
live video by Fergus Anderson and Judith Josepha Egger

Mr. Meridies (cd players and other electronic media) (USA) (alias of Bob

Zapruda Trio (variety of analog and digital electronics) (UK/Sweden) (Simon
Vincent, Joseph Bowers, Sten Olof Hellstrom)

** Stunning Video/Sound Works **
Bret Battey - Writing on the Surface
Thom Heileson - mal.Informal
Joseph Hyde - Zoetrope
Giorgos Mavridis - TOPOS 1.0 - N50, N71, N75
Joran Rudi - Concrete Net

** Electroacoustic Music Concerts **
Denis Smalley (New Zealand)- Empty Vessels
Frank Ekeberg (Norway)- Ebb
Mike Frengel (USA) - And Then, Romina..., for guitar and
Theodore Lotis (Greece) - Shadows
Ian Stewart (Canada) - Phosphor Bronze
Elizabeth Anderson (USA) - Neon
Francis Dhomont (France/Quebec) - Chiaroscuro

** Totally Sound Installations **
Thomas Gardner - Same Old Sheet

** Photography **
Betsy Schneider (USA)

** dj Dr. Struckoff and drink at the bar **

Further information about Electronic Arts Focus can be found at:

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