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From: matt davignon (mattdavignonAThotmail.com)
Date: Sun May 20 2001 - 19:54:11 PDT

>From: announcementsATmp3.com
>To: mattdavignonAThotmail.com
>Date: Sun, 20 May 2001 18:21:50 -0700
>An important message for the MP3.com Artist Community:
>We're excited to share a breaking announcement that
>MP3.com has recently been acquired by Vivendi Universal.
>As a member of our most vital community, we wanted not
>only to share this good news with you and answer some of
>your questions, but offer our thanks for your role in our
>success. It is the talent, passion and dedication of
>artists such as yourself that has helped fuel our site
>over the past 3 years.
>MP3.com has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of
>Vivendi Universal, contributing to their strategic
>objective of becoming the world's premier creator
>and provider of personalized information, entertainment
>and services to consumers. This new partnership is
>expected to strongly reinforce our efforts in online
>music, subscriptions, brand, content and, more
>importantly, technology.
>Below is a short FAQ answering some of the questions you
>may have regarding the Vivendi Universal acquisition of
>MP3.com. In the meantime, we will continue to make open
>communication a number one priority and keep you updated
>on pertinent developments.
>This announcement stands to benefit our artist community
>in great and varied ways by providing MP3.com with the
>resources and support needed to become the central point
>for the digital distribution of all music. We look forward
>to continued and shared success with our artist community.
>Find the press release at the address below:
>** FAQ **
>Q. Who is Vivendi Universal?
>A. Vivendi Universal is a multi-national, $65 billion
>corporation that operates well-regarded properties in
>fields including telecommunications, TV/film, publishing,
>music, Internet and environmental services.
>Q. Will MP3.com artists remain independent?
>A. Yes. The terms and conditions of the various artist
>agreements will not automatically change as a result of
>this transaction. MP3.com will continue to function as an
>independent distributor of music content for all
>independent artists and record labels.
>Q. Will my music belong to Vivendi Universal?
>A. No. As stated above, the terms and conditions of the
>various artist agreements will not automatically change
>as a result of this transaction.
>Q. Will MP3.com continue to operate as it does today?
>A. MP3.com will maintain its role as an independent
>distributor of music on the Internet. MP3.com will
>continue with current pursuits and work with new
>partners to innovate subscription systems and music
>offerings that reach a global audience across many
>Q. How will this announcement affect me? What will change?
>A. MP3.com will continue with its current offerings,
>including marketing, promotion and a full roster of online
>services for all artists.
>Q. Will Payback for Playback continue?
>A. All current artist services will remain in effect.
>Q. I'm also a shareholder. How will this announcement
>impact my stock holdings?
>A. Shareholders of MP3.com will receive $5.00 per share
>in cash or Vivendi Universal stock. It is not guaranteed
>that all outstanding shares will be exchanged for cash,
>but they will be exchanged for at least 50 percent cash
>and 50 percent stock - again, based on the aggregate
>election of all shareholders.
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