[rumori] Seksu Roba on tour

From: My Name (jinho29ATyahoo.com)
Date: Wed May 23 2001 - 16:48:18 PDT

in case anyone's interested in seeing my band, Seksu
Roba, in action we're going on tour on the west coast
with 3 other terrific bands. i'd say about half our
set features theremin playing (yes, notes). we also
have a dancing robot and the lovely lun*na as well as
video projection.

Seksu Roba's spacey seksy sounds can be found on the
crippled dick hot wax label out of berlin but we're
based in LA. ecclectic, loungey (?) electronic music
with an emphasis on melody and musicality rather than
sample flavor of the week. there's free mp3's on the

relevance to this list is i'd say honestly about 40%
or so. we definitely use samples from old records but
who doesn't nowadays? but you could lump us together
with Tipsy and DJ Me DJ You - in fact we did a show
with DJ Me DJ You just recently. tipsy cancelled.

other bands featured in the tour are Anubian Lights
(with belly dancer), The Ray Makers, and Earthlings.
All bands are worth checking out! Anubians have a
brand new album out on Crippled Dick called Naz Bar
you should listen to. goto www.atrecordings.com to
check out both our albums for free! (try anubian
lights' "what a bagdad had") release date is the 27th
- the last date on the tour.

Seksu Roba

Thusday, May 24th Seattle WA
The Baltic Room
1207 Pine Street

Friday, May 25 - Portland, OR
Plan B
320 S.E. 2nd

Saturday, May 26 - San Francisco, CA
Club Deluxe
1509-11 Haight St.

Sunday, May 27 - Los Angeles, CA
Mr. T's Bowl
5621 1/2 N. Figueroa Ave.

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