Re: [rumori] The Wind Done Gone gets published?

From: Jim Carrico (
Date: Tue May 29 2001 - 21:12:37 PDT

>I think the important thing about this Wind Done Gone case
>is that it continues to fill in segments of the fine
>line that bisects the grey area that many of us keep
>worrying about, and overall, it's positive. of course it
>doesn't finish the process, but it further defines the
>current landscape of intellectual property jurisprudence,
>and the next time a case like this reaches a courtroom, that
>will happen again, for better or worse. it's also great
>because it keeps the issue in the public eye - the landscape
>of the public awareness of intellectual property is also
>being mapped, and that's a very good thing.

speaking of grey areas, i've just stumbled across a project pertinent to
this discussion,
called Soundmosaic - created by
Freenet codeslinger Steven Hazel.

"soundmosaic is a distributed system for constructing an approximation of
one audio sample out of pieces of other samples -- a kind of "photo mosaic"
effect in sound."

hilarious concept really - given a large enough sound library, and enough
raw processing power, it should be possible to regenerate any piece of
audio from fragments of other sounds.

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