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From: Steev Hise (
Date: Wed May 30 2001 - 12:00:44 PDT

Doug Harvey:
>"It reminds me of both Todd rundgren and Psychic TV getting hit singles by
>making barely distinguishable (from the original) covers of 'Good
>Or "Dab"

I've heard neither of the Good Vibrations covers (maybe i
don't need to, heh). but Dab is not a re-creation of "Bad".
it is an original work, and i don't think anyone would be
unable to tell it apart from "Bad"... I'd say some other
tracks from Plunderphonic are better examples of this idea,
the idea of re-creating a work from fragments. But on the
other hand, one of the best things about all of
Plunderphonic, and any *good* work of recycled culture, is
that it bears the mark of it's creator, part of which means
that it is distinct from the works that it recycles.

Are these two re-mindings actually of 2 different kinds?
Perhaps Doug was reminded conceptually (the ideas resemble
each other), whereas Dan was reminded sensually (Dab, I
would agree, aurally resembles the sound mosaics)...


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