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Date: Wed May 30 2001 - 15:49:44 PDT

Wed, 30 May 2001 found writing:

>"When you recreate something that closely, in what way
>is it yours? How does it have value?"

that's a great question.

>It's just art. It's entirely subjective. That's the bottom line. There's a

that's simplifying and "post-modernizing" the issue a little
bit too much, IMHO.

>on a paper is a drawing, any sound is a song. The conflict/argument which I
>believe has led Steev to curating is that some people believe
>business is more important than subjective art. There'd be no
>if everyone felt one way or the other business over art or vice versa.

No, I think there's other reasons for there being a besides just the conflict between business and
art. (i'm not sure what that word "subjective" is doing in
there so i left it out.) Perhaps the detritus manifesto
would have been a tad less agressive without this conflict,
but i probably would have still created the site. is about a particular form of cultural
activity. Some instances of that activity have met with
opposition from capitalists and other tyrants. Other
instances have not. A lot of it is just really really
interesting, whether it's "illegal" or not. There's all sort
of interesting questions and issues to explore besides "is
it legal and how do we keep on doing it even tho it's not,
or how do we make it legal?" One of those interesting
questions is the one above at the beginning of this message.
others include:

 1. what is the nature of originality?
 2. what's the difference between "original" and "unique"?
 3. why do humans like this stuff so much?
 4. is "copy culture" fundamentally the same as always (as
it's been for centuries), or has technology fundamentally
changed the kind of culture we produce?
 5. are there "bad" appropriations, and what are they?

 i could go on and on.


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