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From: Steev Hise (steevATdetritus.net)
Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 12:08:23 PDT

Thu, 31 May 2001 found dserklandATnish.org writing:

>"No, I think there's other reasons for there being a Detritus.net besides
>just the conflict between business and art. (i'm not sure what that word
>Didn't mean to misinform... I'm sure everyone develops a different opinion
>after reading Detritus.net, but I had always thought the political-economic
>vs. art argument was central.

It's an important part, but the thing i keep trying for with
Detritus.net, and keep trying to make clear that i'm doing
it, is to make it very inclusive. The site isn't JUST about
politics, it's not just about the avant-garde, or court
cases, any more than it's just John Oswald or DJ Spooky or
Portishead or Puff Daddy. It's about all those things and
much more.

You may have developed other ideas from various things
I've said on this list. I should make clear that my
personal notions and preferences aren't automatically "what
Detritus.net is about". My personal tastes and agenda are
much narrower and more focused than what I'd like Detritus
to cover. In fact my tastes and agenda have been gradually
changing, shifting and narrowing over the last few years,
but that ideally should have nothing to do with what the
subject of Detritus.net is. (The chief editor of
Encylopedia Britannica probably isn't personally interested
in every item covered in the publication, right?)

It's a problem sometimes for me to stay objective about
this. (maybe when i'm speaking about detritus.net policy i
should only send email as "adminATdetritus.net"?) Ideally I'd
like there to eventually be a small group that runs the site
as a collective, rather than it just being me. This makes
the objectivity issue less of a problem and also just cuts
down on how much work i have to do. :-)

>(steev said) i could go on and on."
>Write a book.

I'd like to someday. Maybe after i get that collective


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