Re: [rumori] the simple and post-modern

From: Vicki Bennett (
Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 14:48:59 PDT

One way in which the concept of recycled art is comparable with that
of money is that we constantly are swapping around all this currency
- notes and coins, but we all use it for different reasons or at
different times and we all say that while we're using it it's ours
and then we pass it on.

>Well, it's a grey area not worth arguing about. There was a long discussion
>about whether the world was round not too long ago and that discussion is
>over, but that discussion had a very simple answer... maybe I am
>oversimplifying. Maybe I just have a simple answer. Maybe the "discussion"
>leads nowhere. It's become difficult for me to distinguish between Art and
>non-art, especially when the presentation/context has been altered.
>Sometimes context is ALL that makes something art (ie Duchamp's toilet,
>found objects...) Context might be the most important element of a work of
>I agree that Chris' question was provocative and well-founded (or I
>wouldn't have tried to answer), and I agree that there are no clear cut
>answers OTHER THAN "it's all art/ it's all good." I don't deny that this is
>a complicated issue (I think the issue has something to do with
>"originality"), however, that doesn't mean there cannot be simple answers.
>I don't see how I could be wrong about something with no real answer. BTW,
>my opinions on art have not discouraged me from developing opinions about
>what is bad or good art, regarding craft or concept.
>""When you recreate something that closely, in what way is it yours? How
>does it have value?""
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