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From: Steev Hise (
Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 15:12:04 PDT

dan, you misunderstand. The topic is not what is art. it's
how do you value art. Sure, let's agree that everything is
art. but now how do you judge it, especially the art that is
a copy of some other art?

>I agree that Chris' question was provocative and well-founded (or I
>wouldn't have tried to answer), and I agree that there are no clear cut
>answers OTHER THAN "it's all art/ it's all good." I don't deny that this is

for me your answer was a non-answer, that why i objected to
it. it was cop-out. lack of easy answers does not mean one
should dismiss the issue with an easy non-answer.

>I don't see how I could be wrong about something with no real answer. BTW,

there ARE answers, but they're difficult. they require time
and effort. that's my point. it's just being lazy to throw
up your hands and say "it's all good".

>Can anyone reccommend a source that discusses the concept of

have you actually never heard of it before? i seem to
remember you mentioning you were in college and were taking
some art classes or something. did no one mention
postmodernism in these classes?

try this:

 and here's a good site on it:


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