Re: [rumori] the simple and post-modern

From: Chris Ball (
Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 15:27:48 PDT

The grey area is the thing we can talk about that makes art possible

Maybe art is that which doesn't need to be talked about, but which is talked
about anyway, because we need to talk about it. I need to, anyway. (I'm
probably plagiarizing something I forgot I already read, which is my
definition of "Original" again. Until someone can find the referent and I'm
sent to poacher's island.)

Pomo: I don't know.
My extreme was to be saying there isn't a way to copy that doesn't add
value. I've not been a fan of "All is Art" nor "It's All Good" either but
it's something someone might say, in a certain mode of ("being") walking
around and looking. I'm still not sure what POSTMODERNISM is after many
dozens of pages of reading about it. That word makes me sleepy. It seems
to be something artists and critics call each other. It seems to be related
to appropriative collage. It is taught about in college. I heard that some
people declared it to be "dead" eight years ago. (Project! - Announce that
it's become a vampire!) It seems to have ideas about originality. But I
didn't know that it LEVELS all works' value.

Which stance is more tired, "It's All Art" or "This is Art and This is Not."
I'd like to know.

But ultimately everything humans do (you know, behave, learn, dream) really
is collage (please turn to page 58 of that "Keanu Reeves movie" Tune In
Ultimately all these -isms and isn't its and is its are all different
coloured glasses to look through, but Art, whatever it is wherever it is
found, is apparently something that you can't see without glasses. Oops, I
should have said ALL ART and YOU CAN NEVER SEE AT ALL

Continue the dialogue, keep each other HONEST


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