Re: [rumori] the simple and post-modern

From: Every Man (
Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 20:25:20 PDT

Only I don't think Perry Mason would go for this analogy.

because the coin was never meant to be a work of art, but
a form of currency to BUY art.

Though to entertain this notion....the coin belongs to me
until I spend it. If I don't want to spend it, it's mine. Lars Ulrich
apparently isn't using his coins, so he's upset we're stealing
from him.

rain rain rain

>An excellent analogy, vicki.
>who does the currency really belong to? the people of the
>nation that minted that currency. it belongs to all of us.
>individuals use it temporarily, but it's always flowing
>around and getting re-used. wonderful.

Every Man
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