Re: [rumori] the simple and post-modern

From: Chris Ball (
Date: Fri Jun 01 2001 - 09:42:11 PDT

> My real question was about value to the (re)creator: If I make a
> of an existing piece, how can it be of value to me?
If you made it, you did it for a reason. You took the time.

> I don't think you can
> say "it's art, period". For me, art has to have a direction and a purpose
> beyond its creation.
Done, for you.

I keep "forgetting" what time I have art period.

> I can't understand why an artist would make a note-perfect copy of a song
> unless there was a larger comment or subtext intended by its creation.
> Duchamp's ready-mades, which are not about the pieces themselves, they're
> about the about.

> Of course, you could exploit the commercial potential of a previously
> successful artwork, but I don't see any artistic value in that. That's
> craft, not art.
I don't want to to that! Craft is bad.

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