Re: [rumori] stamped addressed

From: Edward (
Date: Sun Jun 03 2001 - 02:20:06 PDT

Vicki's imaginary friend here...reminding her to stop talking to herself.

Steve, you're not the only one complaining that Cleaner 5 doesn't work.
What I can do ? Send me your computer and I'll fix the bug for you.
But seriously, you'll have to be more specific about the problem.
Any Cleaner error messages?


Vicki Bennett conjured:

> You have the same version as I. Hmm... Edward is on this list, he
> may know - Edward? Speak, or everyone will think I'm talking to my
> imaginery friend again..
> >i've got cleaner 5, but maybe it's version 5.0.1 instead of
> >5.0.2, or somethign stupid like that.
> >
> >-> Are you converting
> >->the full size movies or the avi files?
> >
> >have tried both. no luck.
> >
> >the public domain, locked in a little sealed envelope.
> >hrmph.
> >

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