Re: [rumori] Macintosh: DVD question

From: Edward (
Date: Sun Jun 03 2001 - 03:12:44 PDT

nakedrabbit wrote:

> >You might be able to do that on a PC but you can't do it on a Mac.
> >You can with avi files, but not full size movies.
> There is no Final Cut Pro for the PC.
> I think maybe he meant that extracted MPEG-2 files can be dropped in,
> rather than DVD's from a disc. Oh hell, why am I blowing smoke about all
> this. I['ll try it and give a report.

I think maybe she meant that on a PC the AVI's can be dropped
into Premiere and watched right off the timeline, which I can confirm.

Vicki wrote:

> some colleagues and
>myself are also both making DVD/DVD roms in the next year. I just
>emailed him offlist because I didn't want to bore people - anyone
>else interested in this or was I write to make this discussion

I would like remind everyone that the Prelinger archive folks have their
own mailing list dedicated to technical issues, like getting the mpegs
to work on your computer, burning DVD's etc:

C U there,


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