Re: [rumori] Macintosh: DVD question

From: Vicki Bennett (
Date: Mon Jun 04 2001 - 08:49:33 PDT

I've nothing but praise for Mr Prelinger, he's saved my life. I've
been through complete hell trying to access educational/doc films in
the past year and not only do I find someone putting them on line for
free, but he's friendly, and when I wrote he immediately went out and
bought my CDs. I only dreamed that it would be so soon that people
would be putting useable stuff online so soon, and his website is the
most useful one that I've found in 4 years of web surfing.

Just the other side of the coin there.


>haha. us clever americans.
>no i'm being totally serious. this whole prelinger archives
>thing pisses me off. they've put these films online with all
>this high rhetoric about the public domain and makign
>available to "everyone" this wonderful historic resource,
>but they choose these formats that are impossible to deal
>with for many many people. it's just so dumb.
>then the fact that you have to actually join their list to
>read the archive is ridiculous. whenever i have a problem
>with any computer-related thing, i search on the web for it.
>usually, somewhere, someone has already had the
>exact problem and has solved it. and usually, especially if
>it's concernign linux or another open source technology,
>it's really easy to find a list archive where someone is
>asking about a problem and getting an answer. but no,
>these people have to lock away their knowledge. you can't
>even tell if the list is there unless you're already a
>member! really pisses me off.
>the good news is, i did just join the list and found tons of
>stuff in the list archive about working with these files on
>macs, cleaner 5, etc. but if these were open to the public
>a google search would have found them many days ago....
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